Devorah Rose is an American businesswoman, philanthropist, writer, and creator of beautiful things: stunning photographs, engaging editorials, enticing events and much more.

Devorah is best known as Editor-in-Chief of the Hamptons-based Social Life Magazine (SLM). A first generation American, proud Latina, and self-made woman, Devorah is passionate about empowering the voiceless and elevating the importance of media literacy. She believes in the power of hard work to create the life you want.

Born in Plano, Texas to a Guatemalan father and Venezuelan mother, Devorah Rose moved to Venezuela with her parents at just three months of age. At age six, Devorah moved back to the United States, where she entered kindergarten not knowing a word of English. She went on to graduate as an English major with honors from Barnard College and later worked towards her MFA at Columbia University’s prestigious creative writing program.

Devorah Rose’s college career brought her to New York City, where she was charmed by the unique promise the city held for young professionals and aspiring creatives. Soon after, the opportunity of a lifetime arrived, and she helped build Social Life Magazine from the ground up, from an idea into an enterprise.

She has worked at the helm of the publication for 14 years, and in her tenure made waves in the industry. When she placed Christie Brinkley in a bikini for the first time in 30 years, the issue garnered a record 50 million media impressions. Many other publications followed suit with Brinkley appearing in a swimsuit on the cover of People as well as numerous other publications. Devorah has cast, creatively directed, and produced covers with Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Brooke Shields, Ciara, Lauren Bush Lauren, and many other notable public figures.


“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.”
―Coco Chanel

Devorah’s strength as a woman was born by example; she credits much of her grit to the powerful women who raised her. During a sexist age in a third world country, Devorah’s mother graduated as a medical doctor at the age of twenty-five. Her mother would go on to compete for a highly-coveted residency at Tufts University and secure a position. Her grandmother, a woman from Martinique, raised eight successful children on her own, each of whom went on to forge a unique career path. In keeping with her family’s passion and drive, and with gratitude for their influence, Devorah Rose has done the same.

Devorah knows that inside each one of us there is a yearning to make a mark and give back to the world, which is why she seeks to empower young women (and men) by regularly extolling the virtues self-acceptance, personal wellness, and anti-bullying. A lifelong animal lover, she is currently working to spread awareness about the dog meat trade in Asia and champions several charities fighting for animal rights. She encourages donations to The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, Ping An A Fu Organization, HSI Global, and other charities that can be found at

You can read about Devorah’s travels at, and when she isn’t exploring the world, directing a cover shoot, or working on a creative project, Devorah Rose is most likely curled up with a good book alongside her dogs, Estella and Thor.